The Differences Between Incubator Nursery Incubator

From the start of your project through the marketing of your offer to the hyper-growth phase, there are a multitude of structures in France to support you as an entrepreneur. The offer, plethora, follows you whether you are at the early stage of the idea until a phase of international expansion or hyper-growth. In this jungle of devices and players, this article will help you distinguish the offers and their relevance with regard to the maturity of your project. Note that there is no perfect model but adapted to your entrepreneurial situation. Also do not hesitate to compare the different structures with each other, and, if you have the possibility, to exchange with entrepreneurs accompanied by the structures targeted by you.

Summary What is a business incubator? Features of the business incubator What is a business incubator? What is an incubator? Characteristics and specificities of an incubator What is the difference between a nursery and an incubator? What is a business accelerator? What is a co-working space? What is a business incubator? When it is necessary Whatsapp Number List to benefit from a solid networkIf you just have a business idea and you have doubts about its potential, or if you want to start marketing an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) very quickly , the business incubator can be very useful. Personally, I would oppose the status of auto-entrepreneur but as we will see, we are on something more flexible.

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For the definition of incubator: support structure for business creation for project leaders. The incubator offers: individual follow-up, advice, training but also a siret number. The latter will thus allow the project leader to invoice his services without having to legally create a company. Note: an agreement, the business project support contract or CAPE, must be signed between the incubator and the project leader. Unlike the auto-entrepreneur status, this "brood" status allows you to benefit from unemployment insurance coverage, protection in the event of an accident at work or occupational disease. Features of the business incubator: Maximum duration of one year, renewable twice.

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